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Step-Up Grammar Book 5

Step-Up Grammar Book 5
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Code: LP-8452
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ISBN/EAN: 9789814237840

Product Information

  • Step-up Grammar is a series of six workbooks for students aged 6-11.
  • The aim is to develop a thorough understanding of English grammar in a systematic way. 
  • Each book contains 18 units on different topics, from individual words to full sentences. 
  • The students learn how to talk about words (with terms such as ‘auxiliary verb’ and ‘present continuous tense’) and how to put them together correctly. 
  • The later books of the series build on knowledge gained earlier, examining some of the topics in greater depth and introducing new ones.


  • focuses on one grammar point in each unit
  • uses clear and concise explanations, examples and pictorial support to aid learning
  • provides three graded activities for each topic
  • includes lesson plans and answers

Ideal for Ages 6-11

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