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Redhead Robbie's Christmas Story

Redhead Robbie's Christmas Story
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Code: MBP-58142
Author: Bill & Carol Luttrell
ISBN/EAN: 9780874403152

Product Information

This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

Flexible cast of 25.

  • Mrs. Wallace informs her class that one student will be randomly chosen to make up a story and tell it to the Christmas assembly.
  • All students beg to be picked except for Red-headed Robbie (or if cast as a female Robin), whose words come out funny whenever he/she is nervous.
  • Robbie/Robin is selected, and he/she asks Big Eddie, Cool Katie and Munching Max for help.
  • These friends suggest stories about presents, parties and pranks, but Robbie/Robin reminds them that Christmas is for sharing, kindness and forgiveness.
  • At the Christmas assembly Robbie/Robin tries to speak, but the words come out wrong.
  • Big Eddie, Cool Kate and Munching Max take the stage and tell how they were visited by a redheaded angel (Robbie/Robin).
  • After Robbie/Robin's visit Eddie shares presents, Katie befriended a lonely girl and Max forgave his sister.
  • The assembly ends with tears and applause for Robbie/Robin, his friends, and their wonderful Christmas story.

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