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World War 1 - An Australian View

World War 1 - An Australian View
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Code: MP-013
Author: Tim Cattell
ISBN/EAN: 9781862511644

Product Information

  • This is a concise look at the Australian involvement in the Great War and ANZAC Day.
  • Attitudes of the time and European historical circumstances are explored and explained.
  • The great battles are mapped out.
  • The format of panel illustrations (comics) has wide appeal to students.
  • Words and pictures together guarantee a good and memorable understanding of the information.
  • Each unit has its own convenient study questions page with space for written answers.

Topics covered include:

  • Strategies from the British, fighting men from Australia
  • The ingenuity of jam tin bombs and periscope rifles
  • Australians and the 'enemy aliens'
  • The indigenous returned soldiers
  • Billy Hughes and the conscription controversy

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