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New Spell of Words - Level 6 Book 2

New Spell of Words - Level 6 Book 2
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Code: MP-510N
Author: Richard Aylward
ISBN/EAN: 9781862513167

Product Information

  • A spelling program that stresses the development of the essential basic skills of reading, grammar and spelling.
  • Completely revised with many new features.
  • This eagerly awaited revision moves the series into the 21st Century.
  • New Spell of Words is a complete revision of the very practical and widely-used series of textbooks originally entitled The Spell of Words.
  • The text has been updated, rewritten and reformatted, in line with current curriculum documents, to facilitate classroom use.
  • Delightful illustrations support the text throughout.
  • Two 56-page books make up each Level from 2 to 7, comprising a total of 38 units.

Features include:
  • Teaching Notes, and Extension/Review pages following each 5 units of study.
  • Units focusing on grammar rules, punctuation and creative writing have been added, as well as many spelling rules.
  • Repetition and reinforcement continues throughout the series to consolidate learning and word knowledge.
  • Each unit begins with a list of frequently used words to be learnt, with space for students to write their own words or difficult words.
  • This is followed by a range of related exercises which may include:
    • phonetic elements
    • syllabification
    • visual recognition activities
    • word families
    • letter patterns and blends
    • word building
    • word origins and meanings
    • ordering; classifying
    • antonyms and synonyms
    • homonyms
  • The emphasis on spelling strategies and practice will reinforce word attack skills in a variety of other activities such as:
    • proofreading and editing
    • comprehension
    • work with Latin and Greek roots
    • prefixes and suffixes
    • rhyming words
    • word puzzles
  • Also covered are:
    • parts of speech
    • compound words
    • participles and auxiliary verbs
    • idioms and slang
    • environmental and historical themes
    • abbreviations and contractions
  • The interesting and enjoyable writing activities will help develop and refine the spelling skills of all students and, in particular, those learning English for the first time.
Ideal for Year 5

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