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Panda School: English and Chinese ABC Book

Panda School: English and Chinese ABC Book
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Code: MP-6050
Author: Erica Dollisson
ISBN/EAN: 9781862512139

Product Information

  • This resource is primarily aimed at exposing Chinese speakers to the English alphabet, however it would also be very useful for English speaking children who are setting out to learn the Chinese (Mandarin) language.
  • Children quickly gain confidence as they work through the letters of the alphabet.
  • Each unit has several word examples with an English and Chinese pronunciation guide, clear illustrations and instructions with plenty of repetition.
  • There are several lines for writing the words individually, with at least one trace over example.
  • Words are further reinforced by a short poem and an open-ended drawing exercise.
  • It is a vocabulary book, a handwriting book and an activity book combined.

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