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Spelling Secrets Charts

Spelling Secrets Charts
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Code: MP-9515
Author: Donnalee Hughes
ISBN/EAN: 9317331095157

Product Information

  • Set of 4 charts (that each measure 670mm x 405mm) and Teacher's Resource Book.
  • This carefully researched set of charts takes a fresh and lively approach to learning English spelling rules.
  • Using simple, practical strategies that really work, the Spelling Secrets Charts are the perfect classroom resource.
  • Amusing rhyming rules to aid memory and maintain a high level of interest.
  • Playful illustrations to guide learning and highlight important points.
  • Specific colours to assist letter recognition in various contexts and reinforce visual memory.
  • Photocopiable teacher's notes that explain sound-letter relationships, rules and exceptions, tricky words, teaching strategies and much more.
  • Illustrations by Katie Rawlings.

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