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Jungle Book - The Musical - Piano Score

Jungle Book - The Musical - Piano Score
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Code: MPNR-35478
Author: Vera Morris

Product Information

No musical may be rehearsed or performed prior to approval for production being granted and a per performance royalty fee being paid.
All musicals are subject to restrictions and price changes without notice.
Royalties fees, orchestration hires and delivery charges are also subject to change without notice.

Flexible cast of 20.

  • You are invited to come along on an extraordinary musical adventure with Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in the jungle.  
  • With the help of his friends — the bear Baloo, the panther Bagheera, and the python Kaa — Mowgli is learning to survive as they teach him about ’Jungle Law.’
  • Does anyone know what will happen when Mowgli encounters the hooded cobra who guards the treasure vault?  It’s always difficult to judge hilarious coconut-tossing monkeys, especially when they take our hero prisoner.  But the jungle is also the home of Shere Khan, the dangerous man-eating tiger who has vowed to destroy Mowgli.  
  • This faithful adaptation with five delightful musical treats is extremely simple to rehearse and produce.

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