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Mikado - Script

Mikado - Script
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Code: MPNR-43361
Author: S. Smolensky & J. Waldrop

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No musical may be rehearsed or performed prior to approval for production being granted and a per performance royalty fee being paid.
All musicals are subject to restrictions and price changes without notice.
Royalties fees, orchestration hires and delivery charges are also subject to change without notice.

7m, 6f.

  • Gilbert and Sullivan’s wit takes aim at a Japanese love story, complicated by class distinctions, an erratic legal system, and a befuddled government.  
  • Your audiences will laugh at the many twists and turns our ill-fated couple must endure before they are allowed to marry.  
  • Enjoy such engaging tunes as ’I’ve Got a Little List’ and ’Three Little Maids from School.’

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