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Romeo and Harriet - Vocal Score

Romeo and Harriet - Vocal Score
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Code: MPNR-59429
Author: Charlie Lovett

Product Information

No musical may be rehearsed or performed prior to approval for production being granted and a per performance royalty fee being paid.
All musicals are subject to restrictions and price changes without notice.
Royalties fees, orchestration hires and delivery charges are also subject to change without notice.

Flexible cast of 36.

  • This hilarious musical spoof puts the “shake” in Shakespeare!  
  • With the help of a group of quarreling chorus members — Oregano, Carpaccio, Risotto, Prosciutto, Antipasto, Pesto, Mayo and Romano — we get a deliciously funny spoof of Romeo and Juliet.  
  • Their comedic and intelligent commentary seasons the show with laughter galore so actors and audience alike won’t even realize they’re learning about Shakespeare!  
  • The stage is set in modern-day New York City, where clerks of the swanky Montague’s Department store and the second-rate Capulet’s Discount Mart meet in the street to trade insults.  
  • Words are their daggers, so watch out, you might die laughing!  
  • Naturally, the heirs to these two retail empires, Romeo and Harriet, fall in love, but don’t think you know the rest...  this musical has a happy ending!  
  • “Humph.  Call yourself a tragedy,” exclaims Oregano at the end of the show, disappointed to find no dead bodies.  
  • Nope, it’s pure comedy with pie fights in place of duels, a nurse obsessed with paper cuts, Romeo dressed in a white leisure suit à la John Travolta and an outrageous parody of the most romantic scene in literature.  
  • A fun, eclectic collection of musical numbers underscores all this hilarity, including a number in iambic pentameter!  
  • It would be a real tragedy to miss out on this one!

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