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Code: MSFLN-05638
Author: D. William & B. Green
ISBN/EAN: 573080720

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10m, 2f.

  • The wealthy young heiress, Lydia Carew, bemoans her lonely existence on her large Wiltshire estate, unaware that part of her grounds has been rented out to the illustrious prizefighter Chasel Byron.
  • By chance they meet and Chasel instantly falls in love with Lydia but is ashamed to reveal his illegal profession.
  • Back in London Lydia discovers Cashel's secret and refuses to marry him until he relinquishes prizefighting and becomes a gentleman.
  • Cashel's eloquent defence of his profession persuades Lydia to attend his forthcoming fight against Paradise her footman, Bashville who is secretly in love with Lydia, is appalled that she consorts with such a man and surprises Cashel with a pugnacious parting shot!
  • Initially the big Byron/Paradise match is conducted according to Queensberry Rules but when the contest collapses in chaos (due to the enthusiasm of a Zulu king) Lydia retreats horrified to Wiltshire.
  • Eventually all is happily resolved with the announcement that Chasel is of nobel birth.
  • He retires from prizefighting, wins Lydia and prophesies a great boxing future for Bashville.

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