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The Biograph Girl - A New Muscial

The Biograph Girl - A New Muscial
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Code: MSFLN-06497
Author: W. Brown & D. Heneker
ISBN/EAN: 573180016

Product Information

4m, 5f.

  • Set in the early 20th century when silent film was still a new form of media, Dorothy and Lillian Gish follow their family friend, the newly dubbed Mary Pickford, to New York City to become actresses in moving pictures.
  • They are introduced to D.W. Griffith and he casts Lillian in his film The Birth of a Nation.
  • The movie's lack of success forces D.W. to vow make an even bigger movie, while Lillian struggles with maintaining the image that he audiences have attributed to her.
  • When Intollerance is also a commercial flop, D.W. urges Lillian to take an offer from another studio so that she can earn a living wage.
  • Soon after the industry makes a huge shift with the introduction of sound in pictures, forcing every film industry member to asses their place in the business.

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