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The Boyfriend - A Musical Play

The Boyfriend - A Musical Play
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Code: MSFLN-07827
Author: Sandy Wilson
ISBN/EAN: 9780573080074

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7m, 8f.

  • Madame Dubonnet's finishing school, near Nice, could exist only in musical comedy.
  • The charming young pupils burst into song at the least provocation, and forbidden boy friends are forever popping through the french windows to make up the numbers.
  • Polly Browne is too rich to be allowed a boy friend. Tony, for whom she falls, turns out to be the Hon. Tony Brockhurst, which is very lucky, because Polly thought he was just a delivery boy.
  • Written in the fifties as "a new musical of the twenties" this is still the most successful, tuneful and witty of the send-up musicals, which ape the style of earlier, lighter-hearted and more disarming days.

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