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Daniel and the Lions - A Children's Musical

Daniel and the Lions - A Children's Musical
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Code: MSFLN-13472
Author: Dave Culling
ISBN/EAN: 9780573081262

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60m or f.

  • In Ancient Babylon, Daniel, King Darius's most valued and trusted advisor, is despised by all the other advisers because his true altruism and kindness hinders their money-making plans.
  • They set a trap, tricking King Darius into ruling that anyone caught praying more than once a month must be thrown to the lions.
  • Alas, Daniel, being devout, falls into the trap and King Darius, with much grief, is forced to adhere to the rule.
  • However, Daniel, rewarded for his goodness and strength, is saved at the last by an angel.
  • This charming one-act musical, written for Stage 2 students or children of a similar age to perform, lasts approximately forty-five to fifty minutes.
  • It features a cast of delightful characters including a group of amusing Noel Coward-esque lions and has simple and inventive settings.
  • The show can be accompanied live with piano or by recorded backing tracks.

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