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Large as Life A Musical

Large as Life A Musical
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Code: MSFLN-39582
Author: Richard Harris
ISBN/EAN: 057308114X

Product Information

5m, 6f.

  • First seen at the Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead, under the title Baby Love, this joyous and exhilarating musical encounters five very different couples and a single woman embarking on an exciting journey - the women are pregnant.
  • To some this is a welcome surprise, to some a carefully planned event, to others a cause for worry and confusion.
  • Jan and Patrick intend everything to be natural. Eighteen-year-old Lorraine struggles to make the best of it, despite her young husband's inability to cope.
  • Thankfully those, like Stuart and Vicki, who have been there before, are calmly and generously helping others. For Don and Helen, the middle-aged couple, the journey is more treacherous. Liz, the hardbitten feminist, is determined to raise a child without any masculine influence but shows her softer side when confronted with the plight of others.
  • The darkest clouds gather where one would least expect as Chris and Caro's perfect marriage cracks under the strain. When the big delivery night arrives, with joy and with sadness, this musical shines with an understanding of natural development, never forsaking hope!

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