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Perchance to Dream A Musical Romance

Perchance to Dream A Musical Romance
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Code: MSFLN-52583
Author: Ivor Novello
ISBN/EAN: 573080216

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10m, 13f.

  • Sir Graham Rodney (1783-1818), Regency buck and part-time highwayman, loves both Lydia and Melinda, but loathes cousin William.
  • When Graham dies in Melinda's arms, vowing to find her again one day, his magnificent home, Huntersmoon, acquires a new owner - William and a set of restless ghosts.
  • Thirty-five years later William's son, Valentine (1818- c. 1900), owns Huntersmoon where he meets and marries Veronica, illegitimate daughter of Lydia and the former highwayman.
  • The marriage is nearly destroyed with the arrival of Melanie, spirited niece of the late Sir Graham, but Veronica's timely announcement of her pregnancy wins the day.
  • Not until the twentieth century are the ghosts allowed to sleep, perchance to dream, when Huntersmoon welcomes Bay - Valentine's grandson - blissfully married to Melody, who is remarkably like Melinda and Melanie. Strangely, their best friends Bill and Iris, also happily married, bear a striking resemblance to William and Lydia who had hated each other so bitterly at Huntersmoon nearly 150 years earlier.

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