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Waldo and Sons

Waldo and Sons
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Code: MSFLN-76396
Author: A. McGregor & D. Pickthall
ISBN/EAN: 573080879

Product Information

7m, 5f.

  • Waldo and his travelling troupe are to perform an old-time show to the delight of the people of Farnley-on-Sea.
  • Unfortunately, Magnet, the local bully and night-club owner, does not share their enthusiasm, especially as his daughter, Penny, has joined Waldo's troupe.
  • What follows is a battle between old and new forms of entertainment, with Penny and Waldo's sons, Tom and Jim caught in the crossfire.
  • Eventually, Tom, who is frustrated by Waldo's old-fashioned outlook, decides to work for Magnet.
  • However, the love between Jim and Penny saves the day and shows that a compromise can be reached.
  • This is a lively and fast-paced musical with a host of memorable songs, colourful dances and a strong story-line.

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