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Almost The Bride Of Dracula

Almost The Bride Of Dracula
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Code: PBP-02447
Author: Dennis Snee
ISBN/EAN: 9780874400946

Product Information

  • 5m, 2f
  • Short Play
  • Comedy
  • Almost the Bride of Dracula or, Why the Count Remains a Bachelor
  • The poor Count is only 580 years old and his mother is constantly after him to find a nice girl and settle down.
  • We see the Count during interludes with Donna, the devout Catholic beauty who expects him to convert; Lisa, the attractive four-time widow whose husbands all met grisly ends; and Becky, the tangy Texas tease who's only leading him on.
  • Mother Dracula may be only normal in wanting grandchildren, but by the end of this fast, delightful comedy, we realize it'll be an uphill climb to find a suitable spouse who will provide Dracula with a toothsome brood of his own!

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