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Brave Navigator

Brave Navigator
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Code: PBP-07042
Author: David V. Greenwood

Product Information

  • 2m, 4f
  • Full Length Play
  • Drama
  • This captivating play was inspired by "The Crime of the Century” the Lindbergh baby kidnaping case of 1932.
  • On the night she can never sleep, the anniversary of the kidnapper's execution, the widow of America's early aviator hero is compelled to reveal the “true” story of the kidnaping to her granddaughter.
  • Too ashamed of the truth to reveal it to anyone, the woman of the title divulges that the man who was put to death for the crime ... was an innocent man.
  • Now in her eighties and swarmed by memories and guilt, the Brave Navigator flashes back to the trial and her marriage to the famous world traveler, saying, "People do surprising things for love."

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