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The Cinderlla Syndrome

The Cinderlla Syndrome
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Code: PBP-10462
Author: V. Glasgow Koste
ISBN/EAN: 9780874409093

Product Information

  • 5f
  • Short Play
  • Comedy
  • The Cinderella Syndrome has been produced throughout the country from California to Maine.
  • Based on the famous Cinderella story, this play takes it from a slightly different angle and emphasis.
  • It's a gentle, funny, and most importantly, a fresh look at the nature of kinship (stepmothers, real mothers, godmothers), ordinary transformations, the search for identity, the transition from adolescence to maturity, the sense of destiny (and whether it's made, or followed -- or both).
  • Superb, rich roles for young actresses.
  • Particularly pertinent to pre-teen, middle and high school audiences and players.

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