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Code: PBP-13723
Author: Maya Levy

Product Information


  • Monologues
  • A Series of Monologues for Young Women Designed for a Full Evening's Production.
  • This award winning writer offers nine honest and up front monologues for teen actresses.
  • Each deals with loneliness and searching.
  • Some are funny, some serious, all are brimming with compassion, rich language and theatricality.
  • Nine unique monologues, portraying characters such as a teenage girl who considers herself nothing but trash, and becomes the contents of a garbage bag to prove it; a beauty queen contest winner coping with pressures from Mom, Dad, and admirers; a basketball player ignored by her mother; a drug addict at a detox center; a young woman reflecting on boyfriends - some good, some animals; a daughter of a too often divorced set of parents; and more.
  • In her introduction, Ms. Levy states, "Each character stands alone, because that is what she is. Alone.
  • Her life is what she had made it. It belongs to her. Do nothing to diminish her moment.
  • " We offer you these stunning "moments," strong statements of and by today's young women.

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