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Jury Room

Jury Room
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Code: PBP-35607
Author: C. B. Gilford

Product Information

  • 5m, 7f
  • Full Length Play
  • Drama
  • Twelve jurors gather to decide the innocence or guilt of a young girl.
  • Did she stab her uncle in cold blood? Eleven jurors say yes; one, a student actress, says no.
  • The jurors agree to her request to re-enact the crime right there.
  • Props are brought in - including the actual murder weapon. The actress becomes the accused.
  • The foreman takes the part of the murdered man, and as the re-enactment proceeds, some people begin to lose themselves in their parts.
  • It's a tense situation, for if the girl did not kill her uncle - who did? Could it even be one of the characters on stage?
  • The verdict, the solution, and the climax of the play arrive together in a single, smashing conclusion!

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