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Lion and Mouse Stories

Lion and Mouse Stories
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Code: PBP-40500
Author: Colleen Neuman

Product Information

  • 26m or f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Lion and Mouse Stories is about a lion who plans to eat a mouse. 
  • The mouse has no wish to be eaten and buys time by telling the lion four stories.
  • In "The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal," a tiger is tricked back into a cage by a very clever jackal who pretends to be a very stupid jackal.
  • In "A Better Mousetrap," a very clever mouse outsmarts a builder of mousetraps that, no matter how elaborate, continually fail to trap him.
  • "The Lion's New Tail" is about a vain lion who buys an invisible tail from yet another very clever mouse. The Lion, frustruated by all these clever mice, insists he will appear in the last story.
  • Unfortunately for him, "King of the Jungle" tells the story of a lion who is undone by a chicken foot.
  • And the Mouse -- the very, very clever Mouse -- is saved.

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