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The Littlest Angel or Christmas Inside

The Littlest Angel or Christmas Inside
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Code: PBP-40715
Author: Winifred B. Fletcher
ISBN/EAN: 874407885

Product Information

  • Short Play
  • Drama
  • There was, in Paradise, a most unruly small boy known throughout Heaven as the Littlest Angel.
  • He sang off-key and his halo was tarnished.
  • Then he meets the Understanding Angel and explains how difficult it is for a boy who suddenly finds himself transformed into an angel and that he's unhappy because he longs for a box of toys that he left under his bed.
  • A Heavenly Messenger brings the box and the Littlest Angel is overjoyed.
  • But his isn't the only joy in Heaven, for Jesus is to be born.
  • The Littlest Angel has only one thing to give and he places his box among the other splendid presents.
  • It shines out from the heavens, becoming what men will forever call the Shining Star of Bethlehem.
  • Bare stage w/props.
  • Approximate running time: 20 minutes.

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