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Love Is Murder

Love Is Murder
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Code: PBP-40744
Author: Tim Kelly

Product Information

  • 5m, 5f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Alright, we all say we don't read them. But we do.
  • Every now and then, we sneak one, just to be able to say how terrible they are.
  • They're Romance Novels, and they're everywhere! And this spoof of the satin-and-lace literature industry will keep your audiences in hysterics.
  • Valentina Velour, the Queen of Romance Fiction, opens Honeymoon House to a television program.
  • Unfortunately, someone has left a dead man in the closet and a wacko called The Rose Killer is bumping off the love scribblers.
  • Confusion and madness abound as vitamin fanatics, cops, literary agents and writers collide.
  • The whole madcap mess concludes with the exposure of Valencia's arch-enemy and an affirmation of her philosophy - "Romance will be here when men and women no longer walk the earth!"

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