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Merry Murders at Montmarie

Merry Murders at Montmarie
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Code: PBP-42599
Author: Tim Kelly

Product Information

  • 7m, 17f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Charlie, a young American, arrives at Montmarie, Switzerland, to take over the girls' school he's inherited from his aunt.
  • The school is being run by Lily, a dedicated, beautiful young instructor.
  • The only catch is that Charlie's young sister and her girlfriends, all students, may be mixed up in something sinister.
  • If Rudee, the handsome ski instructor, isn't quite what he seems, neither is Fritz, the bad tempered and menacing gardener.
  • Mystery, comedy, and romance plus diverting humor all add up to a delightful evening of theatre.

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