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Nobody Sleeps

Nobody Sleeps
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Code: PBP-47071
Author: Guernsey Le Pelley

Product Information

  • 1m, 4f
  • Short Play
  • Comedy
  • Winner of numerous play competitions, this is a bright and breezy farce about a very calm family of very odd habits.
  • Sixteen year old Daisy comes across Spike, a burglar, rifling through the contents of a desk.
  • "You'll never find anything in that desk. We never can." Daisy would just as soon have Spike take her sister's money.
  • She's saving for a guitar and the whole family dreads the results.
  • Then Ada suggests that Mother ought to meet Spike as she's writing a mystery and wants to get to know a good burglar.
  • But Mother is full of criticisms: "Why aren't you wearing gloves? What would you give for an alibi? Where did you park your car?"
  • A lively, extremely funny concoction.

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