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A Play About A Dragon

A Play About A Dragon
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Code: PBP-53040
Author: Steph DeFerie

Product Information

  • 8m, 10f
  • In the middle of the Middle Ages, Morton Montesque's troupe of travelling players happily believe they've volunteered to perform their play about a dragon for King Stanley The Stern.
  • Actually, they've volunteered to slay a real dragon!
  • When they discover their mistake, it's too late to back out - but how can they succeed where so many brave heroes have failed?
  • And this is one nasty, scary dragon!
  • Fortunately, they'll get help from a bookish prince who knows the secret of dragon snot, a high-born lady disguised as a peasant, a con woman and a pair of stinky shoes!
  • But will it all be enough to keep them from becoming dragon food?
  • This play is full of humor and excitement, thrills, danger, laughter and true love.
  • What more could you ask for? It is... a play about a dragon!

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