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Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day
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Code: PBP-58142
Author: Ray Hamby
ISBN/EAN: 874400406

Product Information

  • 1m, 4f
  • Full Length Play
  • Drama
  • Gerald DeHaven is an imposing man of strong passion and determination.
  • He has embezzled funds from his employer and, to avoid criminal prosecution, has promised to repay the money within two years. When his wife, Roselle discovers a date marked in red on his calendar, she becomes fearful that somehow that date spells her doom.
  • Gerald has taken away her son, fired her faithful housekeeper, put bars on her windows, locked her door and convinced the neighbors that Roselle has gone mad.
  • He plainly explains to his wife his simple plan: in order for him to collect on her insurance money, and pay off his debts, he needs her to commit suicide.
  • And he has every confidence that she will, given time.
  • Trapped, Roselle futilely pleads with her jailer, a turnkey from the madhouse, to set her free. Roselle manages to outwit her husband and his cruel sister, who in the end, become victims of their own greed.

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