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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones
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Code: PBP-66304
Author: Don Kukla

Product Information

  • 2m, 1f
  • Short Play
  • Comedy
  • A T.V. remote control and a few talented actors are all you need to produce this lively and cunningly educational play!
  • It treats substance abuse quite seriously, but it makes sure a young audience has plenty of fun along the way.
  • The ensemble plays several roles each, doing skits full of wise cracks and questions about abusing cigarettes, drinking, drugs, and guns.
  • There's mime, and a remote control that can make actors go fast forward, slow-motion, or speak in rewind!
  • Toured by the Missoula Children's Theatre with great success.
  • From the author of Playing Hardball.

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