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The Imaginary Invalid

The Imaginary Invalid
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Code: PHP-31014
Author: Moliere & Bert Briscoe

Product Information

  • The problems of the society are shown on the example of a hypochondriac – a man that over exaggerates or imagines his illnesses.
  • On one side we have a man that turns all of his problems into illnesses.
  • If something is bothering him, he would turn it into an illness and avoid the real problem because it was easier for him to deal with life in that way. On the other side we have doctors that act like usurers that encourage such illnesses to make themselves rich. They use the fear of the rich man and his psychological instability to ensure their own existence.
  • This problem can also be perceived as a problem of our time.
  • The imaginary invalid, the rich Argan, surrounded himself with people that only want good for him.
  • They accept the old man as he is and all they want to do is cure him from his mental illness. They try to show him that his illnesses were coming from his head and unmask the doctors trying to make money off of him.
  • Even though the old man almost chased everyone away from him, the comedy has a happy ending. Moliere sent an important message with his work and also showed his artistic skills.
  • The work is also entertaining, easy to understand, filled with humorous lines and witty.

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