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A Taste for Murder

A Taste for Murder
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Code: PHP-68662
Author: Angela Lanyon
ISBN/EAN: 9781852052690

Product Information

This is the second title to Audience Participation Murder Mysteries.

  • The entertainment is in two parts.
  • The first part tells the story leading up to the murder.
  • During the interval, which could be an inclusive supper, members of the audience are given slips on which they register their guesses - the name of the victim, the murderer, the motive and the method.
  • After the slips have been collected, the second part of the story is performed.
  • This reveals the answers.
  • A prize is given to the audience member or the team with the most correct guesses.
  • Members of the Banks Family are gathered together to celebrate the return of the plant hunter Fiona.
  • But there is dirty work afoot in the nursery garden.
  • Deep seated resentments bubble to the surface and after plenty of hints and innuendos, a murder is committed.
  • Who did what to whom?

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