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Lucky Dollar - Private Eye

Lucky Dollar - Private Eye
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Code: PPNR-41109
Author: Tim Kelly

Product Information

This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

6m 12f.

  • Los Angeles detective Lucky Dollar hasn’t had a client in over two years.  
  • He’s hungry.  Pandora Sugarland, who can’t keep her own name straight, shows up with a weird tale about a weird boyfriend who may or may not be dead.  
  • After a fettuccini lunch in a Thai restaurant, Lucky decides to take the case.  
  • What a case!  
  • Up dark alleys and down mean streets.  
  • Lucky’s slugged, shot at and pursued by beautiful girls.  The boyfriend turns up in Lucky’s office with a butter knife in his back!  Various criminal types are convinced Lucky knows the whereabouts of the fabled “Pearl of Persia” and are out to get him.  Run, Lucky, run!  Wonderfully goofy roles:  the mysterious knife-tossing Kimono, Seabrook, the little terror, the seductive Claire (“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”), Earthquake Debris, plus the mad Mrs. Mintworth.  
  • And who could forget the menacing Montrose Hogsbreath or Florence, Lucky’s Girl Friday every day of the week?  What has any of this to do with that statue of a California Chicken sitting on Lucky’s desk?  
  • The audience will GASP and LAUGH at the same time.  The basic set is the open stage and the spoof is written so individual scenes can be rehearsed separately.  
  • You’ll get LUCKY with this one.  It’s absolutely hilarious!

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