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Mirror of Dori Gray

Mirror of Dori Gray
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Code: PPNR-43596
Author: John Mattera

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This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

2m 8f.

  • The essence of Oscar Wilde’s haunting tale The Picture of Dorian Gray is captured in this unique modern-day view.  Dori Gray’s flaws are not reflected in a portrait hidden away in a dusty attic, as in the original story, but rather in a compact mirror she always carries in a purse.  Dori begins the tale as a naïve adolescent...  an unwitting teenager.  However, as time marches on, she is consumed by vanity and ambition.  
  • We see her slowly become corrupted and cunning, ever plotting for selfish gain.  
  • Like Wilde intended in the original story, Dori’s vanity causes her to become misguided and lost, snared in a web...  a trap which even abducts her best friend Samantha.  Suspenseful and easy to stage, this show will keep your audiences on the edge of their seats from one twist to the next.  Whether produced or used as a classroom project to pique your students’ interest in a piece of classic literature, The Mirror of Dori Gray will leave all astounded!!!

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