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No Body to Murder

No Body to Murder
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Code: PPNR-47071
Author: Edith Weiss

Product Information

This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

6m 12f.

  • If you’re looking for a quick comedy that’s easy to produce and full of zany characters, hilarious stage action and a surprise ending, this one’s for you!  Bad news — in the form of severe thunderstorms and an escaped convict — threatens the guests at the Come On Inn of Nova Scotia.  
  • By the end of the day, gung-ho aerobics instructor Billie Body is mysteriously murdered during a power outage.  Was it the cook’s lemonade that poisoned her, or did someone else have a hand in Body’s death?  Who would have the audacity to commit murder under so many noses?  
  • Inspector Black, on the scene in search of the escaped convict, has his job cut out for him.  
  • As the winds howl, suspicions rage — from Garth the gardener (who weeds with an axe) to an inept doctor on holiday from malpractice suits to a hairdresser who constantly changes her appearance — everyone has a hidden motive to want Billie Body dead.  
  • After all, she does have abs “to die for”!  
  • Take your audience by storms of laughter with the silly saga of No Body to Murder!

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