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Robin Hood

Robin Hood
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Code: PPNR-59065
Author: Tim Kelly

Product Information

This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

8m 8f.

  • Robin Hood, the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, leads a merry life with his followers.  
  • Anyone who is hungry or who has no place to live is welcome in the greenwood.  
  • The citizens of the forest oppose wicked Prince John.  
  • He’s taken the place of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, who has gone to the Holy Land on a crusade.  
  • One day a caravan cuts through the wood.  In the convoy is Robin’s childhood sweetheart, Maid Marian, ward of King Richard.  
  • Alas, the evil Lady Merle of Cornwall plans to force Marian to marry the Prince in an effort to make John more acceptable to the people of England.  
  • To arms!  It’s up to Robin to stop the marriage, defeat a nasty sheriff and secure Nottingham for the king’s return.  
  • It’s all done in rousing fashion!  The show is suitable for all groups, and production requirements are extremely simple.

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