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The Spell of Sleeping Beauty

The Spell of Sleeping Beauty
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Code: PPNR-65185
Author: Vera Morris

Product Information

This play may not be performed unless approval is granted and a per performance royalty fee is paid.
Please contact Dominie Pty Ltd for an application form –

7m 18f.

  • In the kingdom of Never Nod there’s celebration.  A princess has been born to the King and Queen.  Her name is Briar-Rose.  
  • Unfortunately, that nasty witch, Evilina, who lives in Tumbledown Castle with a giant spider for a companion, is not invited.  
  • She shows up anyway and pronounces her revenge.  
  • At age 16, the princess will cut her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep from which she’ll never awake.  
  • Some good witches counter the curse by saying the princess can be awakened by the kiss of true love.  The King bans all spinning wheels.  
  • Evilina is not so easily defeated and, on that fateful birthday, the princess does, indeed, cut her finger on a spinning wheel.  
  • It’s up to Prince Alexander to come to Briar-Rose’s rescue — and the court’s too.  They’re all asleep!  
  • The prince must fight a Wall of Thorns, a False Princess and, most frightening of all — the awesome Dark Knight!  
  • This captivating, frolicsome version of the always-popular classic has it all — charm, action, romance, comedy, thrills, plus zany and lovable characters. 
  • Suitable for all age groups.

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