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Too Many Doctors

Too Many Doctors
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Code: PPNR-70500
Author: Harriet Dexter

Product Information

  • Molière’s classic spoof of doctors and hypochondriacs is brought alive again in this hilarious adaptation by Harriet Dexter. 
  • Foolish Argan, who collects illnesses and doctors, decides he needs a “live-in” physician. 
  • He finds a nit-wit who doesn’t know one end of the stethoscope from the other...  and promises him his daughter, Angelique. 
  • Cleante, Angelique’s suitor, is thwarted again and again by the determined Argan.  In the nick of time, Toinette, the clever servant, comes to the rescue. 
  • This modern adaptation, with contemporary dialogue, captures all of Molière’s wit and slapstick humour.

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