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36 Maths Games of Chance and Strategy

36 Maths Games of Chance and Strategy
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Code: PR-2370
Author: Catherine Connolly
ISBN/EAN: 9781846543470

Product Information

  • 36 Maths Games of Chance and Strategy is a teacher resource book of fun, hands-on board games which provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice mathematical skills in number, number operations, measurement, shape and space, and strategy. 
  • The variety of photocopiable games in the book provide tactile opportunities to use knowledge in a relaxed ‘play’ situation without memorising or tedious rote learning.


  • 36 photocopiable board games
  • full instructions for each game including the equipment needed, number of players and aim of the game
  • game variations, extension activities and notes
  • teacher background information about the use of board games
  • basic game-playing rules
  • instructions for using, making and organising the games in a classroom and paired- maths situation
  • parent paired maths record booklet
  • language cards
  • parent checklist of items to return
  • letter to parents
  • thank you cards
  • spinners to make

Ideal for Ages 5-8

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