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Numero Challenges - Book 2

Numero Challenges - Book 2
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Code: PR-2983
Author: Frank Drysdale
ISBN/EAN: 9781864006223

Product Information

  • Numero is a fun, mathematical game designed to develop and reinforce the mental calculation work required by the maths curriculum.
  • The game will also develop speed of recall, problem solving and strategy skills.
  • Can be used by pairs, groups or the whole class.
  • It will motivate students and improve their attitude towards maths while developing social skills, for example taking turns.
  • Schools can run interclass or school competitions.
  • Parents can help children practise by playing Numero at home.
  • Suitable for ages six through to adults.

  • Book 2 covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages.
Ideal for Ages 8-Adult

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