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Abigail's Party

Abigail's Party
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Code: PSFLN-01300
Author: Mike Leigh
ISBN/EAN: 573110166

Product Information

2m, 3f.

  • British suburbanites Laurence and Beverly are entertaining their new neighbors, Angela and Tony as well as Susan, whose teenage daughter, Abigail is having a party to which Susan has been dis-invited.
  • Over drinks and snacks, cliches and fatuous small talk abound.
  • The tension escalates as the marital strain between Beverly and Laurence surfaces.
  • Susan's anxiety over Abigail's party accelerates as rock music and God-knows-what permeate the room.
  • As Beverly and Angela offer some supremely tactless remarks, reality breaks through the smugness when Laurence collapses with a fatal heart attack.

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