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The Admirable Crichton

The Admirable Crichton
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Code: PSFLN-01437
Author: J. M. Barrie
ISBN/EAN: 573010021

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13m, 12f.

  • It is the Earl of Loam's whim to invite his servants once a month to the drawing room where they are treated as social equals.
  • His daughter and friends are forced to serve them much to the distaste of Crichton, the butler, who knows his place.
  • He accompanies the Earl on a yachting party with the three daughters, an affected young man and a sporting parson, as well as the lady's maid who is in love with Crichton.
  • They are wrecked on a desert island and Crichton, at first imperceptibly, takes command and wins their devotion by his resourcefulness.
  • The women vie for his favor. He chooses Lady Mary no longer indolent, but intensely vital for his wife.
  • At this point a ship is seen in the offing and, with noble self abnegation, Crichton signals to her.
  • Back in England, all revert to their former positions.

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