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Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order
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Code: PSFLN-02530
Author: Michael Frayn
ISBN/EAN: 573016003

Product Information

4m, 3f.

  • Alphabetical Order takes place in the library office of a provincial newspaper a scene of permanent and utter confusion.
  • The cluttered chaos of the room is matched by the life of its manager Lucy and her associates.
  • It is a scene of warmth and easy if somewhat juvenile and irresponsible light heartedness until Leslie, a new young assistant with a passion for organization, enters.
  • In a short time, she has transformed both the lives of its inhabitants and visitors into something orderly, neat, arid and colorless.
  • An announcement that the paper is to close leads in Leslie's absence to a revitalizing and glorious orgy of destruction and return to chaos.
  • But Leslie can coolly cope with even this crisis and Lucy is left smiling wryly at the second, and final, end of the play.

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