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Card Play

Card Play
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Code: PSFLN-09586
Author: David Foxton
ISBN/EAN: 573150052

Product Information

16m or f.

  • Perfect for high school, children's theatre and college productions, Card Play is a funny, fast paced play about a pack of cards!
  • Each card has a character of its own (moaning, greedy, caddish, funny) and seniority depends on your face value!
  • The greedy and knaves hatch a plan (at the Bridge Club) to steal the trophies and gate money from an event at the stadium.
  • Their plot is overheard by some of the minor cards who hasten to plot their downfall. The knaves of the respective suits become mixed up and many cards disguise their identities.
  • The Queen of Hearts (whose tart baking competition becomes very much involved in these events) stutters her way through the proceedings until the plotters are foiled and the heroes rewarded.

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