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Close to the Wind

Close to the Wind
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Code: PSFLN-10502
Author: Richard Everett
ISBN/EAN: 573110824

Product Information

3m, 3f.

  • Gerry believes his twenty-three year marriage is alright, but wife Kate feels differently!
  • Their lives have been a series of distractions - first home, children, second home - but now the children are going, Kate feels useless and wonders if it all hasn't been a mistake!
  • Returning home after a disastrous visit to the theatre, ruined by Gerry's lively mother, Mary, Gerry and Kate attempt to salvage the evening at a local restaurant, but even that ends in a profiterole-throwing fight.
  • Daughter Louise and her boyfriend Julian are key players in this light comedy of marital mishap and mid-life crisis, as are Mary and her beau, Roy.
  • However the end of this amusing and very perceptive play finds Gerry and Kate curled up together on the sofa, for all the world like courting teenagers!

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