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The Christmas Cavalier

The Christmas Cavalier
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Code: PSFLN-10597
Author: Richard Lloyd
ISBN/EAN: 573065101

Product Information

7m, 5f.

  • he Witchfinder-General, Roundheads and Cavaliers in a festive panto of Olde England!
  • Long, long ago in Merrie England, there was a war between the King and his Parliament. The Parliament won the war, and the King lost his head…
  • Set in the time when Cromwell ruled England, this lively and magical panto opens with the arrival of dastardly Witchfinder-General Nicholas Grimnastyin a local village, intent on suppressing frivolous and ungodly Christmas festivities – and rooting out a few witches at the same time!
  • Grimnasty and his gormless Roundhead sidekicks soon tangle with the outrageous Dame Dumplings, driving force behind the village Christmas party! It’s not long before Dame Dumplings’ lovely niece Emma Sweetlyhas fallen foul of the wicked Witchfinder, and is thrown into Grimnasty’s grisly dungeon.
  • But the Witchfinder-General’s villainy comes to an extremely sticky end however, after his efforts to spoil Christmas are thwarted by an unlikely alliance of Sir Daniel Dash, a bold and gallant cavalier, a dancing bear named Bottom, and three real witches, who could almost have wandered in from a certain blasted Scottish heath…
  • A brisk yet enchanting pantomime, offering a traditional festive flavour of Olde England, but played out before a very appealing and colourful new historical backdrop, with lots of excellent opportunities for most attractive costumes and settings.
  • Provision is made in the script for the inclusion of seven musical numbers. More musical numbers could easily be incorporated.

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