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Coarse Acting Strikes Back

Coarse Acting Strikes Back
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Code: PSFLN-11038
Author: Michael Green
ISBN/EAN: 573100098

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20 m or f.

  • Includes: Trapped, Oedocles, King of Thebes, Pride at Southhanger Park by Rupert Bean, and Cinderella.
  • In Trapped a send-up of a traditional English thriller, the cast find themselves not trapped when the over-energetic lead actor knocks down doors that were meant to be locked.
  • Adding to the fun is a corpse that walks - because it cannot fall - through the jammed door and the Stage Manager who has to read in a part.
  • The spoof Greek tragedy Oedocles, King of Thebes, presents, a fine example of a Coarse acting script, enhanced by Coarse management and direction.
  • While doom and disaster stalk the main characters, a Chorus of ill-assorted females, spitting copiously, reduce the most tragic scenes to mirth.
  • The third play, Pride at Southanger Park, written by Rupert Bean and edited by Michael Green, is supposedly an adaptation of a long-lost Jane Austen novel, presenting a naturally developing and utterly hilarious set of acting disasters.
  • As the performance crumbles into low farce, the cast plough on, determined to prove themselves the equal of any BBC adaptation.
  • Alas, the mobile phone of one of their number, in the end, proves their undoing.
  • In the final play, Cinderella, the Prince is a stout older woman, the cat anything but cat-like, and the slipper fits the Ugly Sisters better than Cinderella.
  • Not to mention a transformation scene which doesn't work and a disastrous attempt to fly the Good Fairy.

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