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Failed Investments

Failed Investments
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Code: PSFLN-20312
Author: Lynn Brittney
ISBN/EAN: 0573121414

Product Information

1m, 3f.

  • Carol and Anne are hosting a residents' meeting for their block of flats, but the subject of ground rent gets lost in the welter of rather more human issues that are aired on this eventful evening.
  • Anne is being made miserable by the odious Roger, Margaret, representing her son's interest at the meeting, has just been told that he is homosexual; Judith, a timid fellow resident, is having a hard time coping with unemployment and a troublesome family - and Carol is far from pleased when Anne reveals to the others that Carol is, in fact a lesbian.
  • The four women, finally united by their condemnation of the male-orientated society that is making their lives so hard, set about redressing the balance....
  • With four strong parts for women, this adult play provides ample food for thought as well as moments of drama and piquant social comedy.

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