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Code: PSFLN-20400
Author: James Saunders
ISBN/EAN: 9780573110764

Product Information

1m, 4f.

  • On an Indian summer day three sisters, Kate, Helen and Ann, meet at the house of their mother Mary to await the death of their father.
  • During the afternoon the girls talk, sometimes bickering, to each other and to their mother, gradually revealing complexities of their lives.
  • Ann lives in a squat in Bristol and is heavily pregnant with a baby of a rock musician; she is flippant, carefree and refuses to recognise her situation as a problem: Kate seeks endlessly to find herself and an end to uncertainty via I Ching Zen, yoga etc: Helen, childless and with a failed marriage behind her, tries to solve the problems of others through Marxism and social work.
  • Their mother has the ability and clear sight to keep her worries in perspective.
  • Throughout, Fox, the observer's comments give depth and tome to the atmosphere.
  • This is a play which requires and more than repays a high degree of concentration from all involved in viewing, reading and performing it.

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