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Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers
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Code: PSFLN-21462
Author: Douglas Donald
ISBN/EAN: 573115303

Product Information

2m, 3f.

  • Harriet is arty and incompetent with a childlike daughter of nineteen but fortunately they have a practical Sidonie to look after them - very fortunately since, unknown to Harriet, their dilapidated house is the hiding place for a heap of stolen jewelry which small-time crooks Sam and Bert have come to find.
  • Impoverished, Harriet is persuaded to sell Sam the house so that she, Monica and Sidonie can move to the seaside on the profit.
  • But, in this lighthearted comedy, the ever-practical Sidonie makes sure of even greater profits by smuggling out the treasure where "no-one would ever think of looking for it".

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