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The Donahue Sisters

The Donahue Sisters
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Code: PSFLN-26463
Author: Geraldine Aron
ISBN/EAN: 9780573132346

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  • The attic of the family home in Ireland, once a playroom, is the setting for this sinister play from the author of Bar and Ger.
  • Awaiting the death of their father, sisters talk about their unhappy lives long into the night.
  • The time comes for a ritual re enactment of a violent incident from their childhood.
  • Departing from the hitherto naturalistic style, Aron imaginatively has the sisters speak and act in unison to create the persona of a young boy.
  • When the ritual is complete, things return to normal and the women seem to have found answers to their problems.
  • Remaining is the uneasy prospect of the past repeating itself.

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